Sonoma Valley, CA

Cittaslow Sonoma Valley
Creative. Catalytic. Sustainable.

In a mighty nation intensely involved in big, fast, shiny things, Sonoma Valley said—some time ago—“Thanks but no thanks, to crazy-fast. We think thoughtful, logical, intentional life at a slower speed, works best for us.”

Writers and thinkers and artists and shopkeepers and scientists and farmers of all ages and persuasions live here.

The people fit the land instead of forcing the land to fit the people.

The Valley embraces the best of progress, and works on its challenges. Cittaslow is an Italian word that literally means “slow city.” Cittaslow International was launched in 1999, taking the tenets of the Slow Food movement to the next level that includes many facets of community life.

Sonoma chose to be Cittaslow by claiming its own values instead of being another look-alike city with the same fast food, the same local craft products, and the same menus. Cittaslow towns realize the importance of each town’s uniqueness, and that suits Sonoma just fine.

Sonoma—often whimsically called “Slownoma,” has grown deep, not tall. Consistent, not trendy. New technology is as significant as preserving our heritage.

“Slow” is not a negative…
It means making a conscious decision to take time to enjoy life.

“Slow” does not mean living in the past or moving backwards.
It means living with shared values to preserve our quality of life.
Our Cittaslow projects will embrace:

  • Community-wide partnerships to preserve Sonoma Valley’s environment
  • Working with Slow Food Sonoma Valley on local sustainable food projects
  • Teaching our children to be responsible community citizens
  • Designing family-friendly activities for residents and visitors alike
  • Supporting cultural, heritage, multigenerational, and multi-cultural programs

…and so much more.

Welcome to Cittaslow Sonoma Valley.

Chapter President: Gary Edwards

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